Hippa-Potta Maze

Hippa-Potta Maze 1.0

Find your way out of the maze


  • Huge number of mazes
  • Customisable game board


  • Dull graphics

Not bad

When I was a young boy, my favourite dessert was the gorgeous Hippopotamousse. Unfortunately Hippa-Potta Maze isn't a pudding - it's a game for Palm devices. After my initial disappointment at this news, I began to enjoy playing the game, in which you can generate an inifinte number of different mazes to escape from. I also liked the way you can choose the difficulty level of each labyrinth, ranging from a grid of 10 x 10, to the ridiculously complex 100 x 100 monster.

Just like the mazes you get in comics and newspapers, the object of Hippa-Potta Maze is to reach the exit from the starting point on the grid. The quicker you do this, the more points you'll be awarded. Although the graphics are very drab, the game has longevity due to the degree in which it can be customised. You can't eat it though.

Hippa-Potta Maze is a game in which you must navigate a randomly generated maze, going from the top-left corner of the maze to the bottom-right. You may zoom in (to increase the challenge) or out (to see more of the maze), but the game becomes rather sluggish the further you zoom out (hey, what can you expect for free?).

You can choose any size maze, from 5x5, to 100x100! At the end of each maze, you are shown how many moves it took you to solve. Also, you can turn on "breadcrumb" mode, which will show you the paths you have taken before as dotted lines.

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Hippa-Potta Maze


Hippa-Potta Maze 1.0

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